Today We will look into the meaning of the word :


verb: capitalize; 3rd person present: capitalizes; past tense: capitalized; past participle: capitalized; gerund or present participle: capitalizing; verb: capitalise; 3rd person present: capitalises; past tense: capitalised; past participle: capitalised; gerund or present participle: capitalising
  1. 1.
    take the chance to gain advantage from.
    “an attempt by the opposition to capitalize on the government’s embarrassment”
    synonyms: take advantage of, profit from, turn to account, make capital out of, make the most of, exploit, benefit from, put to advantage; More

  2. 2.
    provide (a company) with capital.
    “a highly capitalized industry”
    synonyms: finance, fund, underwrite, provide capital for, back, sponsor; More

  3. 3.
    realize (the present value of an income); convert into capital.
    “people should have the right to capitalize part of the value of these benefits”
    • reckon (the value of an asset) by setting future benefits against the cost of maintenance.
      “a trader will want to capitalize repairs expenditure”
  4. 4.
    write or print (a word or letter) in capital letters.
    “the letter M, either capitalized or in lower case, is the abbreviation for mili-“
    • begin (a word) with a capital letter.