We all know big money is made at the beginning of trends.

Value first trickles and then starts flooding but it is too late by then 😞
So, whether you are an entrepreneur looking for your next big idea or an investors looking to park the money, where the spark is lit; here are 16 sectors worth looking into, which have huge upside potential in the India’s growth engine.

As Fundamental Investors you should keep your eye out for upcoming IPOs or  Small /Unknown Firms who are in to the following sectors 

• 1 Consumer foods
• 2 Dairy and milk products
• 3 Non-alcoholic beverages
• 4 Poultries / Hatcheries
• 5 Rice
• 6 Sea food / Fisheries
• 7 Diagnostic centers
• 8 E-commerce
• 9 Education content Development
• 10 Quick service restaurants
• 11 Auto Dealership
• 12 Glass
• 13 Packaging
• 14 Pesticides
• 15 Micro Finance
• 16 City Gas Distribution

Source :CRISIL India Research

So, Warren Buffets of tomorrow….Search the listed companies and mention them in comments below to begin.

Let’s dig up some wealth creators.

Happy investing!

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