CMP :35.10 / Sector: IT  PE:28.09   Market cap :63 Cr (only ) MICROCAP

Bodhtree  Consultancy is an SI ( Systems Integrator ), Based out of Hyderabad and has operations in 9 different countries It has varied services in the field  of

  • Cloud Computing ,
  • Data analytics ( Big Data & Data Ware housing),
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Digital Customer Experience .

IMO : Data Analytics & Warehousing are going  be a big in the future as we the amount of data created is massive and growing exponentially
According to IBM, the build out of  the “internet of things” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours!!!  needless to say  the need to store ,analyse and process Data will be humongous  So any company working with is going to be huge efficiency and good quality has HUGE potential to be big

Enterprise Solution is an ever-growing need also with all things going Digital Customer experience is in  heavy demand

Bodhtree has the following clientage Different Industries

  • Government
  • Hi-tech
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare Payers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

IMO : All of the above are growing sector with voracious demand in the current and near future , Out of these Government is one big player ! as we step in to the reforms era and digital india more and more work of IT is going to coming from within our own country not just US 😛  

digiTAL INDIA , GROWING HEALTHCARE and Make in INDIA is going to create need for IT consultancy to dizzying levels 

The following piece of news add confidence points in Bodhtree

Bodhtree Consulting sparkles on shortlisted for GST work –  See more at:
BRIEF-Bodhtree Consulting gets purchase order from Medical Council of India

Bodhtree Consulting Ltd receives Purchase order for supply of additional bio-metric OFAMOS Devices for Digital Mission Mode project
Balance Sheet :
Companies Reserves have been increasing and they have very little Long term debt however the Current liabilities are at Uncomfortable levels and need investigation 

with healthy order-book  i see the free reserves going up and current liabilities  

Profit Loss Statement : 

Companies Standalone Revenue is constantly increasing

Except for 2013 recession year the company has been growing its Profits for the pas few years

the Good Bad and the Ugly

Company has no Institutional Holding like big PEs or MF which has kept it in out of media spotlight however with the GST selection we might see some traction

Company does however have great names as its strategic partners like
SAP, ORACLE Sungard , Microsoft , Salesforce from the US &  CISCO , IBM redhat from INDIA   Read the complete list HERE 

Promoters have recently diluted their stake from 47.1% to 44 % which is a RED flag 😦

Capitalize Verdict 

All and all a good company with insane amount of potential to grow as a microcap however its too early to call would like to see some more evidence ans we grow further

I have set this company on my tracking and will keep updating as we get further information from various source as usual your precious inputs are welcome :….please write in the comment section below


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