India is No 1 desination for outsourcing ITES – reasons simple & straight forward

India is the only country in the world where brain meets the English speaking Other countries might have the “brains” to work –software, but they sure as hell don’t know HOW TO SPEAKa DE English

NO wonder we dominate outsourcing market.

We have a really low Min wage number so when your average American co looks at cost to benefit ratio they book ticket straight to banglapur ,[a fictitious Little city from India i just made up for the purpose of this post]  because  lets face it , no developed nation geek will even touch the computer at the wages Indian IT stars thrive on 🙂

In spite of the above mentioned circumstances, lets assume we do end up losing the IT market share in US , we still have no reasons to worry ……

Indian Govt. is slowly turning to become biggest IT client , E.g. TCS is handling passport Servises, 35 It companies shortlisted for GST work , the more digital India goes the more IT work will be available at HOME !

An identical trend can be seen in industries like:

 Healthcare,   Trump

 Financial services,






[Insert your favorite Sector here]                                                IMAGE Courtesy : The Indian Express

About a Billion ADHAAR-card-holding Indians are to be served, so the use of massive IT is inevitable .So I couldn’t agree more when the richest man in India says this in a recent NASSCOM meet:

NASSCOM Summit: Mukesh Ambani says Trump may be blessing in disguise for IT cos. 

So let us not get carried away and worry about IT sectors gloom and doom and Mr. Trump, Look at this a BIG DISCOUNT SALE on your favorite IT stocks and LOAD up your DEMAT. Use logic not herd mindset, these are the same companies which profited during the recent and biggest crash of 2009.

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