NIFTY_Weekly_Analysis 30-09-2017-Korean missiles and Economic Data

NIFTY Has taken a support at the 9700-9750 zone after the blood bath this week.

Korean Missile Crisis NIFTY’s fall had more nuclear fuel added to it with Economic Data & weak Earnings Report being released.

The economy has slowed down at the markets have reacted .However, in a bull market all corrections tend to recover faster than one can imagine!

We will get into a bearish mode if the support level of 9700. Bullish-ness will be active if we break 10200.

Market may remain Range bound between 9750 & 10150.

Nifty has bounced off 20 EMA on weekly charts so bull run is intact.

Next Support :     9700
Next Resistance: 10,150

Option Strategy: Bull call Spread if we get a trigger or any non directional Strategy.


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