Can I make a consistent income from the market?

Stock markets can’t provide a fixed, stable income to investors. Markets don’t run on simple mathematics and are very complex. They function irrationally and are affected by a lot of factors. Markets are volatile and flexible. Money can be made and lost at the same time and there is no possibility of earning a fixed … Continue reading Can I make a consistent income from the market?


How much money should I start with?

  When investing in the stock market, one can start off with an amount as low as Rs 500. But there are certain companies that offer shares at rates starting from Rs 20. So, if you buy one share for Rs 20, you can start with off with it. Deciding the amount The amount that … Continue reading How much money should I start with?

NIFTY_Weekly_Analysis 20-11-2017 Bullish Hammer-Thor: Ragnarok!!

In Thor :Ragnarok, Thor might have lost his hammer but NIFTY gained its bullishness powers by making a a striking Bullish Hammer of its own.  Perfectly placed on the 10200-10150 support zone this is an excellent opportunity for a bullish play. As explained in our Technical Analysis course this is a Staple trading pattern for Short … Continue reading NIFTY_Weekly_Analysis 20-11-2017 Bullish Hammer-Thor: Ragnarok!!